Welcome to Maryland Institute of Music L.L.C. - Hagerstown's Rock School

Maryland Institute of Music L.L.C. is a music learning facility set up to teach all aged students no matter their skill set. From beginners to more advanced musicians, Maryland Institute of Music L.L.C. has the instructors to not only help hone your skills on your instrument, but also help you interact and make music with other members of the school and music community in a group/band setting. With instructors for vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, violin, electronic/DJ and drums,  Maryland Institute of Music L.L.C. will help shape your passion for playing music with private individual instruction and band rehearsals, to prepare you for live performances. Young or old, there is no age limit to going back to school here at Maryland Institute of Music L.L.C., Hagerstown's Rock School.



  • Performance bands live.

    Our 4 performance bands will be playing at Break Away 2 in Hagerstown on Saturday 3/9/19 for a benefit show. Come out to catch the bands while also supporting a good cause. Benefit starts at 2:00pm with the institute going on around 6:00pm.Read More »
  • Meet our new instructor.

    We would like to welcome Alec Barnhart to the instructor staff here at the institute. Alec will be teaching drums including basic fundamentals and intro to reading drum sheet music. Call the institute to set up lessons with Alec or any of our team members.Read More »
  • Live Video Lessons Available NOW!!!

    We are now offering live video lessons to any part of the world. Click on the “Video Lessons” link and the top of any page for details.Read More »


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