Learn About Our Tuition Packages

Lessons only – Private instruction in 30 minute segments.
  Learning an instrument can be hard work. And without guidance and motivation, most beginners get frustrated and give up way to soon. Our instructors are here to help keep you focused, determined and confident in your progress. They will guide you through each step of the way from the private instruction rooms to the live stages that you’ll be performing on.
4 Week Tuition Package – Includes 1 – 30 minute one on one instruction and 90 minutes of instructor led band rehearsals per week.
  Just as important as learning how to play your instrument is learning how to play with other musicians. What better way to do that than to get together with other like minded students and perform on a stage. We will provide that setting and opportunity for you. Guided by one of our experienced instructors, you’ll learn how to play along side your peers and receive direction on stage performance, stage presence, harmonizing and musicianship.
After every 12 weeks the students will have a live band performance at a local venue.
 This is where all of the friends and family get to see the students in action. They can witness first hand how all of the hard work and dedication has payed off. Every 3 months we will put together a concert to showcase the students progress. This is their chance to shine on their instrument and as a member of a band. There’s nothing like the feeling of a live show in front of a great audience and we’ll put you in that position every 12 weeks at a local venue.