Justin Parks – Guitar/Bass/Drums
Justin Parks is a guitar instructor from Hagerstown MD. Justin began his musical journey at age 14, immediately hitting the local club scene with various bands. He attended Barbara Ingram School for the Arts. He has recorded with members of KIX and L.A. Guns. He has played on stage with national act Steel Panther. In 2010, Justin and his band was given the opportunity to open for legendary rockers KISS at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow VA. Justin has received honorable mention from Vinnie Paul and Dave Navarro for his guitar work. Justin teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar. Justin has the experience to not only teach you how to play, but also to prepare you for the adventure of being part of a gigging band."
Michael Lundien – Piano
  Michael Lundien holds a Master of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Maryland, and a Bachelor’s in Piano Performance from Frostburg State University. Michael has been teaching piano for over 7 years, and has performed classical works and piano compositions at several venues, including 49 West, Penn Alps, and St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church. In his free time, Michael enjoys writing music for video games, including works featuring the piano, and diverse styles of electronic music.

Teaching Style:
If a student has an upcoming recital or audition, I will be able to prepare them so that they have an interesting and diverse repertoire, and perform their pieces at a high level with thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and a strong sense of musicianship. I like to introduce some improvisation techniques to younger students so that they are more comfortable playing in all keys. I carefully guide students through the analysis of the form, harmony, and theory in their pieces so they develop a deeper understanding of their repertoire and build strong habits when learning and memorizing pieces. When a student has an upcoming performance, I make sure that all technical aspects of their playing are automatic so they can focus solely on executing more expressive concepts, both small and large. I teach both classical and contemporary works for piano, as well as anything else a student might be interested in learning. I will be able to dedicate several hours preparing lessons throughout the week to make each lesson as rewarding and productive as possible!
Brian Forsythe- Guitar
Brian started out wanting to be a garbage man but then the Beatles came along and changed everything. He was into music as far back as he can remember. Even before the Beatles the twangy telecaster sounds on Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line” and “Ring Of Fire” caught his ear as early as 3 or 4 years old. By age 8 his older brother had started showing him some things on the guitar and he learned to play a few Bob Dylan songs. By the time he got out of high school he was playing music full time. He played in a variety of cover bands over the next few years. Some of the bands that influenced his style from that time period were Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Foghat, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robin Trower and of course The Rolling Stones. He met Ronnie and Donnie and formed The Shooze which then became Kix. Multiple albums and tours followed and after a hiatus from Kix he returned to the band in 2003 and joined Rhino Bucket as guitarist as well. He continues to tour and record with both bands. Brian makes occasional appearances here at the institute when he can fit it in his busy schedule.

Alec Barnhart – Drums
 Alec started playing drums at age 6. He continued in his school bands and started performing on stage with local bands by age 15. He's been influenced by a wide range of artists including Neil Peart, Jeff Porcaro, Alex Van Halen and Buddy Rich to name a few. He's recorded with Nicholas Pare' and a few of his own bands and has been performing regularly with his current band Hot Fun throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Alec teaches beginner to advance drum technique as well as intro to reading drum music.

Jeff Barnhart – Bass
  Jeff has been playing bass since age 16. He's self taught and learned by listening to his favorite pop and rock songs. His influences include Steve Harris, Geddy Lee and Michael Anthony. Although his favorite type of music is rock from bands like Van Halen, Iron Maiden and AC/DC, he has never limited his playing to one particular style. He's performed with multiple bands over the years that covered genre's that go from country to disco and metal to pop rock. Jeff has performed with local bands Reaction, Jester and Crush Theory to name a few and currently plays in Quick Shift. He's recorded on Dirty Deal's last 2 albums as has done studio work with several other local artist. Jeff teaches beginner to intermediate bass with intro to music theory.

Joel Newman – Vocal
   My approach to teaching voice is different from teaching guitar, but in both cases,
learning how to study/practice is paramount, as is a sense of self objectivity. That is
what I try to teach my students. Each student is unique and I adapt my teaching to
them. I use the music that the student wants to learn. I teach the time honored
technique of Bel Canto. Though a classical technique, I am not a classical singer but I
know it works for whatever style of music the student applies it to. My main focus when
working with voice students is to get them to their biggest best vocal placement
increase range, and teach them how to properly practice their songs.
I love teaching, I love being there when the light bulb turns on. My true desire is
to ignite a spark, then light and pass on the torch to any and all open hearts and ears.
Morgan Jenkins – Vocal
   Morgan Jenkins started performing in bands after graduating high school and was first inspired by Ian Anderson’s rock flute of the band Jethro Tull. She focused on singing at that time as well and picked up sax and keys soon after. Through the years Morgan taught privately and has performed throughout the mid-Atlantic as vocalist, flutist, saxophonist, and keyboardist, in pop/rock bands like Long Time Comin,’ Everybody’s Brother, the Holders, and she is currently lead singer in Hot Fun. She studied voice with Jay and Barbara Stenger from Shepherd University, holds a B.M. from the Peabody Conservatory of Music, and a M.M. from James Madison University. Her performance experience includes many genres including rock, pop, jazz, and classical. She retired as Assistant Teaching Professor of Music at Penn State Mont Alto this year where she taught music including jazz ensemble and choir. She also taught voice and show choir at Hagerstown Community College. Morgan emphasizes dynamic stage presence, good vocal technique, and “finding your own voice.”  Her philosophy is that no matter which style of music you are performing, you should be entertaining, having fun, and connecting with the audience.
Jimmy Rickerd – Guitar
   Jimmy Rickerd brings 51 years of guitar playing experience to the institute. He loves teaching and he loves "when students get it" and light up playing music. Some of his former bands are Sik Rikki, The Bratz, New Attitude, Major Danger and Ragged Maggie and he is currently in Ever Rise, Betting on Austin and MotorSmoke.